Reasons to be minorly (read: “majorly”) obsessed with autumn in PVD

For just one minute, imagine a world where your rainboots and umbrella are not part of the daily ensemble.  Picture a setting that is not reduced to waterlogged shades of grey, but instead explodes with fiery oranges, sultry reds, and, well, brown.  Cool. Now smile.  It’s autumn! Other than the fact that you have stopped sweating in your sleep, there are a few other reasons that you should be psyched for the harvest season, after the jump.

Farmers’ market. It’s been around since the first day of school, but the apples and gourds are really starting to get good now.  This week they whipped out the first batch of pumpkins, which should make beautiful Jack-O-Lanterns for your Keeney dorm, and possibly salvage your relationship with your roommate who still hasn’t forgiven you from last weekend’s shenanigans.  Don’t expect it to last very long though – post FishCo, that pumpkin will be as obliterated as Cinderella’s carriage at midnight.

Possibilities.  Fall in New England brings back memories of plaid-filled adventures with the family to the pumpkin patch and the apple-orchards.  Maybe you remember apple pie or cider with a steeping cinnamon stick? Even though you will probably never go through with all of your plans for fall foliage tours or pumpkin escapades, at least you made plans.

Halloweek. As a child, we saw Halloween as a time to parade around in disguise in exchange for bundles of candy with which we would later gorge ourselves.  At that point you were ready to swear off sugar for a year.  Not in college.  Insert Halloween for adults: Halloweek.  The premise is similar: dress in disguise and gorge yourself on alcohol until you are ready to swear it off for a year.  And then do it again the next night.  For freshmen, it is a time to solidify your friendship cliques with group-based costumes.  For upperclassmen, it is a time to pretend you aren’t a slave to your midterms.  Expect costume ideas that remind you why you chose an Ivy League school.  Some of my favorites: Bubble Boy, Dick-in-a-Box, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Shamwow!, and She-wolf.  If you don’t think you are up to the challenge, start resting up now.

Chaider. Chai, please meet cider.  It is a duo that rivals the brilliant crunch of the chocolate chip cookie with refreshing chalkiness of milk, or the union of sticky peanut butter and tart fruity jelly.  Chaider changes lives.  Sweet and spicy, hot and yummy, it will make you want to curl up on your couch and actually do your reading and strive to be a better person.  Chaider may or may not be one reason I sent in an early decision app to 45 Prospect.

Clothing. Boots, and scarves, and blazers, oh my!  Girls, stop spending all that money on pedicures, it’s boots time. Fall clothing creates an entirely new ensemble situation. Because of the unpredictable temperature range of fall in New England, you can persuade your parents to let you bring that last sweater that might make your entire closet fall apart like jenga.  You can also eat that midnight falafel without worrying about your bikini bod.  When donning autumn clothes, it is important to wear them with a strut in your step.  The leaves are going to fall, the weather is only going to get colder, but right now it is absolutely perfect.  Live it up, drink it down, and smile. AWESOME!

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