Limewire officially shut down

Remember Napster? Well the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has done it again. It looks like after its loss in court against the RIAA, Limewire will indeed be shut down after all. We’re sure it’s not hard to guess why… Limewire was charged with copyright infringement and illegal P2P sharing. Even Limewire Pro users, who cranked out about 35 dollars a year for the free music service, will feel the loss of their file sharing service. Bummer.Chances are, however, this won’t change the music sharing world one bit. When Napster fell, a ton of other free music sites popped up in its wake. This will likely follow the Limewire shut down. With the growing power of the internet in today’s world, it would be virtually impossible to halt the possibility of file sharing.

Regardless, the students of Brown should not be affected… after all, it violates the CIS Copyright Infringement Policy. But if you music lovers find yourselves grieving… there’s always services like Pandora, or even YouTube. Better yet, the holidays are coming up, why not ask for an iTunes gift card in your stocking?

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