BREAKING: The End of an Era — RIP Fishco

According to the Brown University Subcommittee on Alcohol and Other Drugs, FishCo has been closed for good. More to come as soon as we hear more. We loved you FishCo. You brought us so many debauchery-filled nights we will never forget (if we ever remembered them in the first place).

Please comment below with your condolences and Fishkus.



  1. So long to the place that served up my first beer. RIP FishCo

  2. :( Sad

    This really is a tragedy. Generations of Brown students will never know the greatness that was The Co. Wednesdays may never be the same.

  3. Just like Kurrents

    Does no one remember kurrents? You’re all so young

  4. A super senior

    I remember Kurrents; I started a relationship there. FishCo was longer-lasting than Kurrents, temporally and emotionally. It held different connotations than Kurrents ever did. FishCo was an institution, a Wednesday night ritual that was more frequented by the Brown community than church. I’ve only gone once, ironically, because I am secretly a hipster, but even I understand the historical significance of the Fish Company. Goodbye, drunken freshmen with IDs the equivalent of an index card with a smiley face and an “I am over 18” box checked. Goodbye, regrets and successes scored on the dance floor, on the poles, in our hearts and minds. Goodbye, refrigerator-shaped bros drinking beer and sketchily hitting on scantily-clad freshmen girls. Goodbye, Thursday morning hangover and Ratty orange juice that still tastes like your expensive screwdriver from the night before. We salute you, and we will always remember those nights spent vomiting over the balcony or in the disgusting toilet, while some chick is banging on the door out of tempo with the shitty techno, screaming at you to hurry up because she has to pee.

  5. Sad at PC

    Brown we as a collective group at PC feel your pain. Thursdays you will forever be missed. No more wondering how we would bail out on the taxi fare and who would win the hot body contest. FishCo Forever.

  6. Already posted this on the other story, but check out – dedicated to keeping the debauchery alive.

  7. Legend

    Where will Brown students go to grind?

  8. caitlin

    not true! they are just renovating!

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