As Wednesday Nights Hang in the Balance

Future Wednesdays?

We at Blog Daily Herald are working to continue providing you with up to date information regarding last night’s FishCo debacle.  Here is what we know:

“Yes! It’s open!”

  • One of Brown’s FishCo liaisons says that the bar will be renovated in the next month and open in time for the new year
  • Fishco’s website says that it will be holding its Grand Re-Opening on New Year’s Eve

“Find a new Wednesday hot spot”

  • The FishCo sign has been taken down from the building’s facade
  • The news was originally heard from a representative of the University’s Subcommittee on Alcohol and Other Drugs, which has members from the Undergraduate Council of Students, “student representatives from SSDP, Greek Council, Student Athletic Advisory Council, Grad Student Council, and one student from substance-free housing”
  • Cops busted 26 underage drinkers at the venue in November

If you have more information, please comment below.


Students desiring to take to the picket lines can do so by spreading the word.  A Brown student has created a “Free Fishco” t-shirt to rally for cause.

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