The end of Naked Donut Run?

We at BlogDailyHerald are hearing reports that this semester’s traditional Naked Donut Run involved a few too many clothing items. According to our intelligence, after successful (read: naked) Naked Runs at the CIT and the Rock, NDR-ers were stopped by SciLi security and told they had to put on clothes, or face punishment.

One NDR-er said security took down names of participants, while another NDR-er reported that a security member here told the group that there would be arrests if it continued, threatening to take names and review video.

Damn, security guys. We’ve been so patient, waiting for our donuts this semester. Naked Donut Run is a storied Brown tradition. You can’t just shut it down!

So this year’s Naked (or Semi-Clothed) Donut Run is over. Who knows what it will look like next semester….

We’ll keep you updated as we know more. Tell us anything you know about this outrageous situation in the comments!


  1. Joe Apaio

    NDR was told by a security guard to leave the stairwell–we went to a class room. DPS officer took all of our names/DOB/addresses. Told us if we had “genitals showing” we would be arrested by Prov Police.

    End of an era? Hell no. Expect us in the spring.

  2. Simons Says

    Nudity is an unnatural thing. They took appropriate action in preventing our subjection to sexual harassment, and I applaud them for keeping me from seeing what I am told I do not want to see.

  3. Lex

    We will be back. And we will be stronger than ever. Spring ’11 NDR will be the greatest yet.

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