‘First Pick’ housing competition

Ah, to be able to avoid the chaos that is the housing lottery with all the booing and cheering and finger-crossing. Well, Res Life makes that possible by creating a First Pick Competition for the chance to enter to be selected as the person who gets the literal first pick of the housing lottery. But the competition is a little different this year than it was last year.

Last year’s competition called for groups of students planning to live together to create short films. Then, everyone could vote on which film they thought was the best and the group with the most votes won the first pick. And despite some controversy, the competition went ahead and a group was chosen (you can watch their winning video here.)

But this year, the competition will be running a big differently. In fact, compared to last year’s, it hardly seems like a competition. An email from Res Life two days ago informed students that this year’s First Pick Competition will be more like a raffle than a competition. In fact, all you have to do is enter your name in a drawing and hope to get picked. If you do, you can then choose a single housing unit, be it a single or a suite. The email reads, with the official instructions,

“In addition to learning about all of your housing options at Brown, you can also enter your name to win first pick of the available housing on-campus.  The drawing will take place during the event, which begins at 7PM on Thursday, January 27th in the Kasper Multipurpose Room.  In order to be eligible you must enter your name no later than 8:15PM.  The rules for the drawing are below.

1. Students wishing to participate in the First Pick Drawing will enter their names at the Housing Options Fair.
2. Students will enter their names into the drawing individually.
3. One winning student will be selected from among those who have entered their names.
4. The winning student will be able to pick one housing unit on campus (e.g. one single room, one double room, one Grad Center / Young O / New Dorm / Wriston suite, etc.).”

This is excellent news for anyone who is not very skilled in making short films, but also doesn’t seem like much of a competition. Either way, in order to avoid the housing lottery and take your chance at winning first pick, make sure to be there Thursday to enter your name in the drawing!

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