Watch out for strict Bookstore return policy

You know that tiny piece of pastel yellow paper stapled to the back of your long receipt from the Brown Bookstore? You might actually want to read it.

This semester marks a significant departure from the more lenient policies of the past — under which you could return a book at any time during the first two weeks of the semester.

Here are the highlights of the new policy:

  • Until Feb. 8, you can only return a book for a class you are enrolled in for three days after purchase.
  • After those three days, you must prove that you have dropped the class.
  • Between Feb. 9 and 23, you may return books for dropped classes within three days of the drop date.
  • No returns after Feb. 23.

You may be wondering how the Bookstore is going to know whether you’re still enrolled in a class or not. Well, they don’t just take your word for it. At the returns desk, there is a computer where you are asked to log into your Banner account so the store employee can verify your enrollment. And after Feb. 9, you’ll need an add/drop form to prove the date you dropped the class.

Gone are the days where you could take advantage of the Bookstore’s convenient location and generous return policies by buying a book and using it until your Amazon order came in. Just a friendly heads up!

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  1. Sophomore

    Just another way to inconvenience everyone. And the Bookstore wonders why students don’t like them.

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