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What is more amusing, nowadays, than watching unsuspecting victims of peculiar events get caught on camera? Ever since the Candid Camera days, TV shows, comedy troupes, and even individuals have been staging public scenes of bizarreness and confusion, gauging the reactions of naïve bystanders (and posting it on YouTube). Perhaps no group is more hilarious than the 10-year-old New York based group Improv Everywhere, whose mission is to create “scenes of chaos and joy in public places.” Since 2001, Improv Everywhere has executed over 100 “missions” involving tens of thousands of “undercover agents.” Since you probably don’t want to waste your time perusing through the dozens and dozens of videos (well, you maybe you do), we will walk you through some of Improv Everywhere’s “Greatest Hits.” Frozen train stations, Food Court Musicals, and more after the jump!

The No Pants Subway Ride: This annual event started in New York City in 2001 and spread to 50 cities around the globe this year.  If you enjoy the subway riding humor variety, make sure to check out these Star Wars, Redhead, and Yearbook Photo flavors.

Frozen Grand Central: It would probably be a little weird if you were out doing your own business at Grand Central and over 200 people simultaneously stopped moving. Well, that’s what happens in this video and some of the muggles’ reactions are quite comical. (If you’re less of a frozen yogurt kind of person and prefer soft serve check out Slo-Mo Home Depot.)

Suicide Jumper: An all time favorite, where Agent Whines considers giving it all up and putting himself out of his own misery. Notice the authenticity of the Firemen costumes.

Food Court Musical: Who hasn’t once imagined that their life was a musical and that you could spontaneously break out into song about, say, the amazing fling you had last summer? Well my your dream has come true, sort of.

Human Mirror: Exactly as it sounds, this short shows dozens of identical twins sitting directly across from one another on a subway car. It is almost as eerie as it is funny.

Best Buy: Imagine entering a Best Buy and seeing over 80 people dressed as employees. Oh, how amazing it would be.

Surprise Wedding Reception: A classic New York City wedding reception, except with total strangers.

Meet a Black Person: A short, but amusing clip about a black guy introducing himself to the predominantly white city of Aspen, CO.

Check our Improv Everywhere’s website for more!

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