Amazon To Tackle Fresh Food Delivery? Yes, Please.

Snowpocalypse 2011 makes running errands, like buying groceries, an uncomfortable and overall unpleasant experience. Haven’t you been daydreaming of having your milk and midnight snacks delivered to your doorstep, instead of having to trudge through snow, slush, and ice just to go to Tedeschi? Well, open your eyes: Amazon might be making your dreams come true.

After the success of AmazonFresh—the online grocery subsidiary of—in select areas of Washington State, the mother company might expand its services across America, making winter just a bit more bearable. The service is very similar to that of FreshDirect, but Amazon doesn’t have a minimum purchase amount or a delivery fee. It works with the free weekly delivery service AmazonTote, with which customers receive their purchases on their doorstep in reusable, weather-resistant bags. In these weather conditions, this service is a gift from the gods.

But don’t start filling your cart just yet—plans are not set in stone. However, there’s no doubt that this service would be extremely popular on college campuses across the nation. Just keep on praying that Amazon decides to expand its project, and that Rhode Island makes the shortlist of states eligible for the program.

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