Mackin’ on mac and cheese

Move aside, falafel-like mush. Students who ate at the Ivy Room tonight were pleasantly surprised by the latest addition to the Ivy Room’s standard vegetarian fare: a macaroni and cheese bar.  The chef behind this magic mixed together mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, and other vegetables with pasta and various types of cheeses to make delicious-looking gooey creations.  If this option remains popular, mac and cheese will become a permanent fixture at the Ivy Room, and student workers will begin making it behind the counter.  Cheese louise–get the mac or we’ll be all bleu.


  1. over9000

    i rate the puns in this post 10/10

  2. Ex

    I dunno, I guess I’m feta up with cheesy puns that don’t pass muenster. Sorry bra, they simply weren’t that gouda…… Ricotta go now but I had to whey in on this subject even though it’s not usually in my manur to be such a pecorino

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