Time-waster of the day: February 7, 2011

We all know you've thought about this, Slavic Studies concentrators / Graphjam

There are no shortage of statistics courses at Brown, but there are no stats as humorous (or as imprecise) as those represented on Graphjam. The website, which is part of the Memebase family, collects multicolored graphs that represent imagined responses to polls such as “Why I Didn’t Reply to Your Text.” While the data on Graphjam does not come from actual surveys, the graphs are often hilariously accurate in their assessments. These pie charts and bar graphs provide a perfect dose of observational humor without the endless whining of comics like this guy. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but Graphjam proves that a graph is worth 1:00 minute of a stand up routine and couple hearty chuckles. Whoever thought students could actually find graphs enjoyable after all those SAT questions that referred to the “histogram above”?

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