For Love or Money?

Good news for all you romantics out there! The New York Times is hosting its second Modern Love college essay contest, which means it wants to give you $1000 big ones for your take on what the four-letter-word means to our generation. The editor of the column had this to say about the last contest, in 2008:

When the contest deadline passed seven weeks later, more than 1,200 essays had arrived, from 365 schools in 46 states and Puerto Rico. In perhaps typical collegiate fashion, nearly 700 poured in on the last day, 400 over the final hour.

With so many applications anticipated, the star-crossed and spell-checked lover/writer has a strategic dilemma before them: do they treat this as an endeavor of love, and let the essay flow casually and freely out of their Red Bull-laced brain – in perhaps typically collegiate fashion – the night before the March 31st due date? or do they treat this as an exercise in economics, and methodically craft a 1500-1700 word story that will woo the judges, win the hearts of the public, and put a warm and fuzzy feeling in their pocket, where it truly belongs? Either way, it might do you some good to read the winning essay from 2008, here: The Winning Essay from 2008, here.

And if you’re feeling stumped, just remember that it probably wouldn’t hurt to send the editors some flowers. Or a faculty recommendation.

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