The Granoff Center for Stagecraft and Artistry

© Iwan Baan (thanks Iwan Baan)

Good news, folks! We’ve Built Brown!

Okay, okay, so the new “Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts” may only be one building, but trust me, if you haven’t taken a look, you should. I dropped by on Wednesday night for the first time to give it a once-over, and to share my impressions of this new addition to the Brown landscape:

First off, I want to thank Ben – a chill security staffer with impossibly hip glasses – who was kind enough to take me on a tour of the building after hours. After I went down to the basement, took a hidden elevator, and wound up in a dead end trash room, I needed all the help I could get. So Trust Ben!

The structure of Granoff is something like an Apple Store, a Foot Locker, and Hogwarts (or something out of Inception) all in one, with staircases seemingly jutting out of nowhere. (Check out this site for some great architectural deets.) The aesthetic fits the trend suggested by the renovations in Faunce and distilled in the card swipey in the Rock, namely, metal + glass = cool. It works – Granoff is freakin’ sweet. From the hallways that flow into other hallways, to the ability to see from one floor into another, and especially the the odd placement of retro chairs at the bottoms of the stairs, it’s a mind trip. There are numerous rooms intended for use as performance spaces, but they are open for general use. And not only are they open, but they’re empty – Ben says that almost no one has been in the building since the opening, odd considering it’s a prime study space. There’s a recording studio, but it’s still under construction (as is a fair amount of the interior).

Martinos Auditorium - © Iwan Baan

The highlight among many highlights, though, is the Martinos Auditorium, which (even stumbling through it in near pitch darkness) is the most impressive of its kind on campus. And it’s synced to a gorgeous overflow room on the 4th floor, so don’t worry about space.

Key points:

  • Gorgeous
  • A killer study space that no one’s using
  • Floor 0 is a trap!
  • Trust Ben!

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