What to do tonight: 2/18

Hey all! Tonight begins the mother of all long weekends. For those of you skipping town, enjoy! For those of you kicking it Providence style, here’s what’s going on in BrownTown:

MCM Cinematheque presents films from the archive!

6-9:30 PM
135 Thayer St.
The French Film Festival rolls into theaters next week at the Cable Car and our dear friends at MCM are giving us a preview with two films from the 16mm archive: Éric Rohmer’s The Marquise of O (1976), followed by Alain Cavalier’s Thérèse (1986).

Eulogy for the Deathless

8-11 PM
PW Upspace
Zach Rufa ’14 has written and directed two new plays — ‘Ten Years Later’ and ‘We, the Fallen’ — that premiere tonight in the PW Upspace. Some things to look forward to: ten year reunions, memory-reality blurs, archangels in existential crises and a nihilistic Lucifer. Check out the deets here!


Around the clock.
It varies.

It’s Friday. We don’t have class until Wednesday. In the words of the great LMFAO: “Get crazy, get wild! Let’s party, get loud!”

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