Academic Enrichment of the Day: Presidents’ Day 2011

Ah, Presidents’ Day: long weekend, no classes and plenty of time not to acknowledge the actual purpose of the holiday. Luckily, Brown’s own Ted Widmer, director of the John Carter Brown Library, has engineered the perfect way to respect the dead presidents with his Presidential history blog on the New York Times Opinionator. Recently, Widmer’s beautifully written narratives have been chronicling Abraham Lincoln’s 1861 tour of the northern U.S. as he approached Washington D.C. for his inauguration. Utilizing several archival and secondary sources, Widmer has effectively reconstructed each day in the life of Lincoln from February 10, 1861 to his arrival in New Jersey on this date 150 years ago. This story may culminate with President Lincoln’s safe arrival at the capital on February 23, but we can only hope that Dr. Widmer continues to write such engaging pieces that at once appeal to our love of good storytelling without ignoring the particulars that make history so fascinating. Happy Presidents’ Day from BlogDailyHerald!

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