Brown Barrel: This Weekend in Comedy

Starla and Sons’ First Show of the Semester. Friday, 9pm – 10pm in MacMillan 117

The longform improv troupe is at it again. It’ll be a barn burner in MacMillan, where Starla & Sons promise to finally put on the show that awestruck soothsayers have foretold for decades. A full hour of comedy, admission only a dollar.

Brown Stand Up Comics First Show of the Semester. Saturday, 9pm – 10pm in Salomon 001 (Lower Salomon)

The stand up comedy group is at it again. Brown’s finest comics take the floor with Boston funk band Old Men Playing Chess. And featuring mind-bending jokes from the man, the legend, the Stand Up alum, the amazing JAMES BELARDE. Hosted by Alex Rosenberg. Admission free.

The Brown Noser. Out Friday.

The fake news reporters are at it again. The Brown Noser gives you none of the news, some of the time. A horde of newsies will descend on campus, Friday at lunchtime.

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