A Tribute to Coach “Denny”

The Brown Varsity Women’s soccer team submitted a tribute for their recently deceased coach Denis Chartier to the BlogDH and the Herald.  Their poem, published as a letter to the editor, can be found in the Herald here.  We have posted the full text of it below.

We remember…

The candy—you made everything sweeter with the 1-pound bag of
jolly ranchers you brought to every game and practice.

Your attentiveness and sensitivity—how you would pull us aside to ask
what was wrong or give gentle but constructive criticism.

Your desire to make everyone’s life a little brighter—how you drove
your small silver Honda Fit to our field so that we could blast
Joyce’s remix to the beep test as we ran our fitness tests.

Your unconditional encouragement—you kept a positive attitude no matter what and
had a unique ability to make everyone around you feel special.  

Your playfulness—your handshake and the “high four” you would give to lighten
the mood and make us laugh—how you would tease us about boys,
our favorite sports teams, and the dynamic duo’s sweaty goalie gloves.

Your dedication to us and to the program— individual sessions any time, anywhere—
how your glasses would go flying when you would put your body on the line as goalie
during the four-goal game—the countless hours you spent bringing new players to our team.

Your loyalty to Brown—you left your head coaching position to be our assistant coach.

Your sweet tooth—dessert before dinner, always in large quantities.

Your selflessness—when Gina tore her ACL, you said you wished it had been you—how you offered to drive Jo home when she tore her Achilles so she wouldn’t be uncomfortable on the bus.

How much you loved your family—how you let us hold the babies after games and
invited us into your office to look at photos—how your grandkids adored their “Pepe”—
how you would tell us your plans for your upcoming wedding anniversary.

We remember how much you loved our family…
And we will never forget.

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  1. Jessica Knobel

    Very nice tribute. Words can’t express my sorrow for his loss. Coaching by his side for two years at RIC I learned of his legacy. As I played for RIC back in ’97-’00 my coach had these drills she learned from her coach and for lack of better words, she called them the “Denis Drills.” They were drills I remembered and used as I began as the assistant women’s soccer coach for RIC in 2002. Coach Chartier comes to RIC in 2006 from Brown and all the pieces come together. My college coach was coached by Denis! I told him of the “Denis Drills” and he just laughed. He has coached so many of us, and so many of us will continue his teachings … thus his legacy shall live for many many years. 🙂

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