NYTimes architecture critic thinks Granoff is pretty great

The "Granny" itself

Nicolai Ouroussoff, the Times’ architecture critic, was apparently creeping around Brown when you weren’t looking.

His generally positive review of the Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts will appear in today’s print edition of The Gray Lady. (Which means your Internet-illiterate mother will soon send you the physical clipping along with a smiley face Post-it.)


The review begins questionably, with Ouroussoff dubiously wondering whether the center will “ever bear worthwhile artistic fruit.” He then manages to fit in a backhanded compliment with his observation that the building, “adds a touch of contemporary glamour to a campus of solemn brick buildings and converted clapboard houses.”

But unlike some other reviews — including a memorably scathing Projo column — the piece is actually quite glowing. Ouroussoff concedes that the design initially seems incongruous, but notes that it gradually feels less out of place the more time one spends there. He even references another famously split building that the hundreds of HIAA0860: Contemporary Architecture students might recognize.

Ouroussoff is also optimistic about socialization opportunities for the space — from the generous stair landings to the outdoor grassy seating by the auditorium “come spring.”

Spring….that’s a nice thought…

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  1. That is some really great architecture!

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