What to do tonight: 3/12

Avon Cinemas
6 PM

This beautiful film about a father’s love for his children takes place in the perilous underworld of present-day Barcelona. Starring Academy Award Winner Javier Bardem, this movie is the perfect start to the night.

Sharaara: SASA’s Annual Cultural Show
Salomon 101
7  PM
$6 presale, $8 at the door

The South Asian Student Association’s annual show promises dance, music, spoken word, comedy and more. Last year they took on Ke$ha — we can only imagine what they’ll come up with next.

Llama Tsunami, The Warning Signs, Big Sky Sun Machine and Suicide Knob
9 PM

Have no idea what the above list actually is? What’s AS220, you ask? Respectively, they are a nine-piece ska band, a four-piece band from Providence, an experimental folk rock group and a punk group featuring up-tempo power ballads. AS220 is an arts center downtown featuring all kinds of awesome. Here’s your first chance to explore. If you’re in the mood for free-er fair and a fan of the Irish, go to the traditional Irish music performances there 4-7 PM for dinner and a show.


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  1. Biutiful is a terrible way to start your night, in that you’ll be too emotionally crushed afterward to party. Rather, you can just drink your sorrows away alone 🙁
    …so see it!

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