St. Patty in the Ratty (and the V-Dub)

It’s St. Patrick’s day, and, naturally, BUDS is pulling out all the stops.  For lunch, they’ve set up multi-part build-and-frost-your-own cupcake stations in both eateries, with sugar shamrock garnishes included. Dinner will feature some pseudo-authentic Irish fare (sorry, Ratty, the cupcake trend began in New York, not Dublin), with corned beef brisket and colcannon potatoes.  Diners not wearing green will be forcibly removed.


  1. over9000

    The Gate has corned beef and sauerkraut today. Show up before 1:15 to get a Reuben, and before 2 to get some Reuben pizza! (Sounds sketch but is delicious.) There are also shamrock cookies and cupcakes.

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