Splurge, Steal or Something Original: the Belt Purse

I don’t know if this happens to you guys, but do you ever buy the perfect bag–the one that’s gorgeous, will hold your books and your wallet and everything you could need in a day–and then spend all day digging around in it to find the one little thing you need? I’m sure this rings a bell. This Spring designers have an answer for us: the belt purse. Carry a book bag and a belt purse, and put all your necessities in the belt purse! Belt purses strutted down the Spring runways at Hermes, Jaegar London, Pucci and DVF, and now lower price point retailers have picked up the trend. They’re only a year or so behind sororities nationwide, which have been wearing fanny packs since at least 2009. Be chic and be organized this Spring with one of these purses/belts/fanny packs.

Hermes Spring 2011 RTW, Style.com , Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2011 RTW (This bag is $325 at shopbop), Style.com

And don’t forget to check out my blog, Stolen Style, to learn about the original design source for the clothes and accessories you wear–is your blouse/belt purse illicit?


Kate Spade Cobble Hill Kimberly, Kate Spade $225.00


Catwalk Purse Belt, Jaeger $148.50

(another) Catwalk Purse Belt, Jaeger $148.50

Something Original

Option 1: Rock a really cool belt purse.

MarionMax is the name of an Etsy store featuring entirely gorgeous, leather fanny packs designed by Portland designer Marion Max. All between $40-50. Gorgeous. Check it out here.

Ecote Distressed Leather Fanny Pack, Urban Outfitters (yah, I know, this is the Original section… but this is a really cool bag!), $39.00

Check out HappyCow, an Australian company that ships only recycled leather handbags (no needless killing of cows, says the website) around the world for under $100 total. This is the Designer Waist Bag at $75:


Option 2: Rock the fanny pack. My sister goes to UT Austin, which–as you may or may not know–is the home of the sorority fanny pack fashion. Google “neon fanny pack sorority” and see what happens. For my birthday she sent me a neon fanny pack–I have yet to rock it. According to her, the North Face ‘Waist Packs’ are quite hot these days, and I quote,

“The only time a fanny pack has ever been in style is when it’s neon, filled with beer, and at a Texas frat party.” -M.A. Tennant

The expert recommends that Brown students try out the trend over Spring Weekend, which will be here before we know it!

Get thee to the fanny-packery. Here. It’s impossible to get the neon ones unless you club together with 24 of your other closest friends who also want fanny packs.

Blim is another Etsy store that sells cool Peruvian fanny packs and neon vinyl fanny packs. $25-40. Amazingly beautiful.


Option 3: Be Super Cool: Rock the Cap-sac

$13 gets you a hat and a fanny pack and lottsa style, in any color you could desire. Cap-sac.

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