BCA fiasco 2011: the Facebook saga

As always, BCA brought its standard cocktail of excitement, frustration, murderous rage, and elation this morning. To the lucky 1,000 who got tickets, congratulations. To the rest, better luck tomorrow. Maybe BSA can get its server working a little better before then?

And where do students turn to express their strong emotions? Facebook! Now we bring you some highlights from the morning’s insanity.

8:20 AM: A few students are successful. The rest remain utterly confused:

8:30 am: The anger begins to mount, as it appears to some that the Brown Marketplace website is offering tickets to the foam party, but not to the main attractions:

8:40 AM: More are finally rewarded with tickets. Increasing exasperation from those who are still waiting:  

8:50: Tickets sell out:

And, of course, no recount of the scandal would be complete without the accompanying Spotted@Brown posts:

Care to play again tomorrow, Brunonia?

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