Housing Lottery: Drink it all in

Spring Weekend may be the dominant event on your horizon, but lest you forget an equally notorious spring ritual, brace yourselves, because tonight is the kick-off of the 2011 Housing Lottery. Lottery is a competitive sport, a game of luck, a bloodbath, and if nothing else, incredibly entertaining to watch. Whether you’ve got stakes in the competition or you’re just an innocent bystander, there’s a way to make lottery even more … enjoyable.

Behold, the official BlogDailyHerald Housing Lottery Drinking Game.

Festivities start off tonight at 6 PM, though only those with the first 100 numbers will be allowed into Sayles. If you’re a lucky upperclassmen, fill your backpack and do it live. For everyone else, the magic happens here.

Basic rules are below, though feel free to submit your own creative additions. After all, lottery is nothing if not interactive.

And don’t forget to check back later, starting with the first picks, for BlogDH’s own live coverage.


Drink …

…if there’s a no show. (Schadenfreude!)

…when the last room in a building is taken.

…if you’ve lived in the room of choice.

…if there’s rampant booing/jeering. (Doesn’t count if you started it)

Take a self congratulatory sip…

…if you’ve had a sexual encounter in the room of choice.

Take a super meta sip…

…if you’ve drunk in the room of choice.

Finish your glass…

…if you land on the waiting list.

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