10 Things Not to Say to a Pre-Frosh

Starting this afternoon, swarms of accepted high school seniors will be buzzing all over Brown’s campus. If you run into one, first apologize, then tell them all about your great experiences here at Brown. Just note: here are some things not to say:

  1. Don’t worry, winter is only from October to April.
  2. Do you want to come back to my room with me?
  3. Rain? Well, you just kind of get used to it.
  4. Have you seen the Keeney tunnels yet?
  5. It’s not the size of your endowment that counts; it’s how you use it.
  6. Can I show you my rapid prototyper?
  7. I mean Emma Watson went here…
  8. So are you 18 yet?
  9. (ADOCH host) Watching porn is soooo much more fun with company.
  10. (ADOCH host) Dibs on the left side of my bed!


  1. curious

    What’s the original of the fire photo here?

  2. Matt Klimerman

    @curious The photo is from a 1986 Herald article about a fire in Delta Tau’s lounge- http://dl.lib.brown.edu/dbdh/bdh_render.php?issue=1236284556907980&div=DIVL39&pid=0

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