This Brunonian Life: Ira Glass ’82 on Spring Weekend ’11

Ira Glass ’82, radio host and subject of earnest college essays across America, was on campus this weekend. No big deal.

Courtesy of Julieta Cardenas

Well, maybe a little bit of one. Glass presented at the MCM@50 conference’s “Big Media” panel, where he spoke about various subjects including Roland Barthes, being a transfer student and the often inexorable pull of mediocrity. Those of you who missed hearing Ira’s dulcet tones and spot-on analogies in the flesh can check out the event’s Herald coverage here.

Amidst the coconut shrimp and admiring fans at the reception that followed, we were able to ask Glass for his thoughts on the 2011 Spring Weekend lineup. His skeptical response: “Like, P.Diddy? In 2011?”

On the other hand, he said, “TV on the Radio — awesome.”

Glass said he wasn’t familiar with Friday night supporting act Das Racist, but promised to check the band out, pulling out his iPhone and emailing himself a reminder. Did you hear that, concertgoers? Who’s that? Brooooooooooooooown.


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