It’s official: Spring Weekend to be held indoors

A message from BCA:

Dear fellow students,

The rain call has been made for the concerts to be inside in Meehan Auditorium for both the April 15th and the April 16th concerts. Although Friday’s weather looks good, the forecasts unfortunately still show heavy rain, winds, and cold temperatures on Saturday, particularly during the nighttime concerts. We appreciate there may be a lot of questions, and in an effort to address the most common, we have provided some answers below.

Why was the weather call earlier this year?

1) The rain call needed to be made a little earlier this year due to production and logistical concerns stemming from specific requirements for this year’s shows and the extra time and manpower needed for stage and production setup.

Why can’t we have one show inside and one show outside?

2) After fully exploring this option, ultimately it was not feasible due to the money, time and manpower to take down everything and set it back up again or to build two stages simultaneously.

What happens if the weather on both Friday and Saturday turns out to be sunny?

3) Unfortunately, the immense preparation that goes into the shows does not permit us to change plans last minute.  Particularly with the constantly changing Providence forecasts it can sometimes be a disappointment when all of a sudden it is a beautiful day, but it would be far worse if the shows were outside and there were thunderstorms and pouring rain, with the risk of the shows being cancelled altogether.

A couple more important updates about the show:

-Unfortunately, due to changes this year in the RI Fire Code, only 1000 students will be let onto the GA area on the rink on a first come first serve basis. GA wristbands will be given at the door to the first 1000 students who arrive with tickets each day. All other attendees will be able to choose spaces to sit or stand in the arena’s seating area.

-There are some additional tickets left to sell, although a very minimal amount. You can still purchase Friday tickets via Brown Marketplace. A small number of refunded Saturday tickets (from cancelled duplicate orders) will go on sale on Wednesday at 1 PM on Brown Marketplace.

-Lastly, please check the BCA website for last minute updates for door times and other important information regarding the show. (

Despite the lousy weather forecasts, we are confident that this will be another great Spring Weekend with some amazing concerts!

Brown Concert Agency


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