What’s brewing: a cloud of confusion

Although our weather forecasts are somewhat irrelevant now that BCA has announced that both concerts will be held inside, we’re going to do at least one more update to address the confusion many students are feeling about the decision.

So far, we have used only weather.com as our forecasting service. In the interest of fairness, we will also include a few other sources. The facts are (according to various forecasters):

  • weather.com — Friday: partly cloudy; Saturday: mostly cloudy; Saturday night: rain
  • accuweather — Friday: partly sunny; Saturday: mostly cloudy and breezy; Saturday night: breezy with rain
  • intellicast — Friday: mostly sunny; Saturday: cloudy
  • National Weather Service — Friday: sunny; Saturday: mostly cloudy and breezy; Saturday night: rain

And by the way, this is pretty much the same thing they said yesterday.

We see an absolute consensus from four different forecasters that Friday’s weather would have supported an outdoor concert, but we must acknowledge that Saturday’s situation is less clear. Although the day is predicted to be merely cloudy, a front of rain will come in overnight that could (literally) dampen an outdoor concert’s festivities. So we can understand why a cautious BCA might have decided to hold Saturday’s concert inside.

Even so, students are disappointed, particularly in light of Friday’s forecast. Students who have complained, to their friends or publicly on Facebook, have cast BCA as the villain. We emailed BCA’s booking chair Abby Schreiber ’11, who had a different take on the situation. Schreiber wrote that the rain call is made jointly between BCA and the University, but “ultimately the final say comes from the University.”

“We worked very hard this year to try to have the shows outside rain or shine or to do one show inside, one show outside.  Ultimately the University told us neither would be feasible,” she wrote.

Well, then. It sounds like dissatisfied students should be addressing their questions to the University. Questions like why both concerts couldn’t have been outside, regardless of weather, with the help of a tent or tarps (which worked with some success in 2007)? Or why Friday’s concert couldn’t be outside and Saturday’s inside?

Regardless of the answers to these questions, the decision is set. It’s time to start trying to find the silver lining in Meehan. Not having to use porta-potties? Better chance of getting a second-hand high in an enclosed space? Um, we’ll keep working on it.


  1. E.

    Ah, yes, our old amorphous friend “the University.”

  2. Qed Winer

    awesome graphiccccccc

  3. Duane Johnson

    Probably two expensive and time consuming to build too stages. One or the other, can’t get fucked with a rainy outdoor show. Had to make call very early.

  4. Duane Johnson


  5. BH

    Or, just a thought, people could stop whining and expecting to get their way in every situation. Should have outgrown that in kindergarten.

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