Furby does the SPEC Day Carnival

Yesterday, Furby awoke at 4 pm to the afternoon sun shining brightly through his window and a warm breeze blowing on his face. He immediately called up his pal BearDailyHerald to hit the greens for the first genuinely gorgeous day of Spring Week. As he and Bear (who brought along a his awkwardly tall brother and mom-loving lady friend) were strolling across the Main Green, they soon bumped into President Ruth Simmons. She was truly taken with his blue-green eyes and Furby, who had never met President Simmons before, was immediately entranced with the magnificence she effortlessly emanates. While the photo-op passed in a moment, Furby went on to have a fantastic afternoon at the SPEC Day Carnival and beyond. More photos after the jump.

Fur provided some unwelcome friction on the Wriston Slip n’ Slide, but as you can see from the expression on his face, Furby obviously enjoyed it.

Even fuzzy fantasy robot toys know that it’s important to hydrate.

Furby stares out into the carnival masses. RayBear loves her mom.

By the time he reached the bouncy basketball game, Furby was looking a little disheveled.

Furby and friends get candid with Ruth.

After a few cups of liquid courage, Furby agreed to be juggled.

And after a few more cups, he agreed to participate in the dunk tank–can’t be good for his circuits.

When Furby passes out on his side, you can be sure it was a good day. Photos from Friday’s concert coming tomorrow.


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