Time-waster of the day: April 19, 2011

When people ask you what your favorite book is nowadays, you might be tempted to wax lyrical about the virtues of Anna Karenina or the mystery behind Infinite Jest, but, seriously Brown, let’s not kid ourselves.  This blogger would be hard pressed to find a novel written for adults that quite matched the impact had by The Giving Tree, Matilda, or The Giver.

Whether you agree with this sentiment or not, there were certainly books that shaped your adolescence.  Ever wonder what your favorite childhood novel says about you as a person?  Now you can find out.  According to this article from FlavorWire, a love for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory suggests that you’ve grown up to become a “creative gastronomist with a flexible policy on slave labor.”  Who knew that the land of glass elevators and chocolate waterfalls was so sinister?  Click through to find out what your fondness of other books, including Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and the Phantom Tollboth, says about your personality.

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