Fall 2011 course superlatives

Once again, our faculty have turned out some curious course offerings for the Fall semester. Brown courses are often bemusing because of their creativity, but this time around, some demonstrate an impressive lack thereof. Exhibit A:

GNSS1960N: Theories and Politics of Sexual Consent
GNSS2010E: Pembroke Research Seminar: The Question of Consent

SOC0230: Sex, Gender, and Society
SOC1870S: Sociological Perspectives on Sex and Gender

Identical twins (nope, not a typo)
SOC1010: Classical Sociological Theory
SOC2040: Classical Sociological Theory

COLT1210: Introduction to the Theory of Literature
COLT2650D: Theory of Comparative Literature
ENGL1900I: Critical Methodologies: Contemporary Literary Theory

ANTH1324: Money, Work, and Power: Culture and Economics
SOC1870L: They Myth of Markets: Exploring the Social Side of Economics
SOC0150: Economic Development and Social Change

ENGL1360K: Shakespeare and Company
ENGL1360P: Shakespeare
ENGL0400A: Introduction to Shakespeare
ENGL0250F: Shakespeare’s Present Tense

PHIL0190: Contemporary Moral Problems
PHIL1280: History of Moral Philosophy
PHIL1650: Moral Theories
PHIL2030A: Moral Psychology

CSCI0310: Introduction to Computer Systems
CSCI0190: Accelarated Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI0170: Computer Science: An Integrated Introduction
CSCI0150: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming and Computer Science

Perhaps offering three to four courses whose titles differ slightly in form and not at all in content is a strategy to enhance the open curriculum. I mean, having only one course on Shakespeare or introductory computer science would be, like, so limiting. And just for dramatic contrast with the twin, triplet and quadruplet classes, here are siblings (i.e., adjacent listings in the course catalogue) utterly lacking resemblance.

LITR1010D: Advanced Electronic Writing
LITR1010G: Cave Writing

Anyway, on to the awards.


… vague
COLT2820F: Latin America and Theory
SOC0200: Population and Society
APMA2110: Real Analysis

… oddly specific
ENGL2360R: Civil Wars, Restoration, and Early Georgian Literature
ENVS1565: Sustenance and Sovereignty: Food Justice and Global Agricultural Revolutions

… emblematic of Brown
SOC1870A: Investing in Social Change

… meta
ENGL1561H: The Brain and the Book: Thinking and Reading in the Victorian Novel
LITR1200: Writers on Writing

… macabre
AMCV1250B: Gravestones and Burying Grounds

… mathematically unsound
COLT1810H: Tales of Two Cities: Havana – Miami, San Juan

… absurdly allusive
GEOL0160H: Chicken Little or Armageddon? Past and Future Cosmic Threats

… reminiscent of a fashion magazine spread
ITAL1030A: Modernity, Italian Style

… reminiscent of a Nova special
BIOL0190R: Phage Hunters, Part 1

… reminiscent of a Magic School Bus video and/or ghost story
PHYS0111: Are There Extra Dimensions Under Your Bed?

… reminiscent of a Harry Potter spell
GEOL2430: Igneous Petrology

… reminiscent of a movie voiceover
ENGL0210H: New Selves, New Worlds

… reminiscent of a talk show special promotion
LITR1150H: Latin-American Poetry Live!

… likely to have been devised whilst entirely possessed
ENGL2561B: Things Not Entirely Possessed: Romanticism and History


  1. The four CS courses named are in no way related in content, and 31 isn’t even an intro course. I can’t speak for the other courses, but this sounds like a hell lot of hot aired BS from the BDH, as usual.

  2. Sacrifice Today

    Sacrifice for Tomorrow, it’s the BlogDailyHerald, please don’t take anything here too seriously. The post was just making fun of similar sounding course titles, and nothing about content. Loosen up a little.

  3. Laura

    I hate to ruin this one because it’s the funniest one there, but the COLT class is actually a tale of FOUR cities (and two dualisms); Mocha just got the title wrong.

    COLT 1810H – Tales of Two Cities: Havana – Miami, San Juan – New York

  4. Suzy (Author)

    You caught me, Sacrifice for Tomorrow. I’m just taking out my irrational rage toward the computer science department.

    If we considered the content of all the similar ones, it would ruin all the fun because the school obviously wouldn’t teach identical courses.

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