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Benz and a Backpack

Why we love them:

Pete & Steve (the two students behind Benz and a Backpack) are a great example of what happens when you find a passion and a good team or business partner. They love hip hop and as best friends found a way to merge their creative and entrepreneurial skills into a niche hip hop online market that was missing–not just the mainstream and not just the underground, they found a balance to satisfy both communities.

Brown students tend to be scattered with their hands in various activities. Pete and Steve were able to narrow to a very specific genre of music and create a business plan. Pete is a musician & a writer and Steve is an econ major with business skills. Together they have incorporated their hip hopping skills into becoming DJs, WBRU 360 directors, and the founders and executives behind Benz and a Backpack. Ultimately, they are living, eating, and breathing hip hop while still staying on top of their academic game.

For more on Benz and a Backpack, be sure to check out our interview and photo gallery, and for more awesomeness, check the site.

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