Reading Period Survival Guide: Clothing

Reading period.  The final days of your year at Brown have come upon you and even though the count may be diminishing, the assignments seem to keep piling up.  Not to worry because BlogDailyHerald has compiled a list of ways to keep your head above water during finals period in the Ocean State.

First things first: CLOTHING – this sets the tone for the entire day. Try not to get too fancy with it, because no one really cares what you look like  when they’re trying to cram a month’s worth of reading into 5 hours at the Rock.  Some dressing ideas after the jump.

Fratstar: Maybe you need a little Eye of the Tiger to get you out of bed.  What better way to keep that raw motivation going all day than with one of your Spring Week tanks?  The beer and the slip ‘n’ slide may seem like a distant dream, but that doesn’t mean finals have to bring you down.  Bring the party to the library and dominate those essays the same way you crushed those Natty Lights.

Snuggly scholar: You hate your life, you can’t remember the last time you washed your hair, and you still have 50 pages left to write.  Pop up your hood, pull the drawstring really tight, and make yourself a cocoon of comfort.  The fleecy sweatshirt will help neutralize your more violent inclinations with a plush softness that reminds you of the simple comforts of being a kid.

Clashtastic: Life sucks.  Embrace it.  Not for the faint of heart, this style screams “I am screwed!” Let everyone to know how you are feeling on the inside by showing the mental breakdown on the outside.  Some of your friends might pretend not to know you, but others will rise to the occasion with their own tales of dysfunction.  What do you have to lose?

One Hit Wonder: Wear something outrageous so that even in the greatest depths of library depression, you can say to yourself, “I hate this, but hey! I’m wearing a pretty cool [insert item here/sombrero/safari hat/tutu]!”  Warning: you will bring a moment of asylum to your own life, but you should be careful not to be committed to one first.

Bringing a sweatshirt is probably a good idea for anyone, regardless of whether you are employing one or more of these styles.  While walking into a library when the sun is still up and leaving once it has gone down can be depressing, nothing says buzzkill more than being underdressed for those chilly spring nights.  Bring a sweatshirt in anticipation of these long library tenures. Fun fact: if your legs get cold, you can flip your sweatshirt upside down and put your legs through the armholes.  I only recommend this if you are in isolation – otherwise, you can say goodbye to all of those cool fun hipster friends you just made in the lobby.

One last tip– Wearing layers gives you the freedom of versatility.  A discarded layer could be a perfect way to cloak your computer while you use the “facilities” or it could double as a seat-saver for a friend.  It could also make a last-minute cape if for some reason the moment demands that kind of superpower.

Reading week is a time awash with feelings of stress, anxiety, and delirium.  Make sure you prepare for this whirlwind of emotion by dressing for success. Happy robing!

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