Frosh-cessities: 50 Things I Learned This Year

Wow, one semester has flown by and there’s only been a single frosh-cessities post. What happened? Did I become an editor at BlogDailyHerald lose my creative edge? No! I’d just been planning the most epic freshman-centric post in the history of Ivy League blogs (NESCAC already did it, so it’s not in all of college blog history): a list of 50 things I learned during freshman year. The profound, the shallow and the funny after the jump.

  1. Spend as much time as possible outdoors during the four months (give or take) of bearable weather.
  2. TA’s are people, too. Except when they’re not.
  3. Balance your Blue Room and Ratty/V-Dub, or you may end up with 0 points and 150 meal credits on April 29th.
  4. The AQR is perfect for uninterrupted conversation–guaranteed!
  5. For music on the Brown Network: Mediafire, not Pirate Bay. But not too much Mediafire–that why there’s President’s Day Weekend (or Blue State).
  6. “Early Christians were neither wholly _______ nor _______…”
  7. Hate to be redundant, but embrace office hours if the teacher’s right.
  8. Try to find one thing to be grateful for each day. As Austen taught us, gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions out there–it can even make that MATH0180 exam feel like NBD0100.
  9. Brown comedy is one of the university’s best extracurricular communities. OOB and Starla: unsung heroes amidst a sea of Jabberwocks and Ursas.
  10. No matter how good East Side Pockets may be, the faster you realize that leaving Thayer opens up an entire universe of great food, the better.
  11. You may finally get a B…or maybe you just think that.
  12. There’s no such thing as Thursday morning classes. Even if you show up, you most likely aren’t there.
  13. It may be more difficult than getting into college, but set up Brown Secure as fast as possible.
  14. The greatest lie you’ve ever heard is: “College is easier than high school.”
  15. If it’s in a cup, you’re alllll good.
  16. CFF is an absolute revelation–eat it, hit the gym, repeat.
  17. Do not be ashamed of S/NC.
  18. Do not take a class S/NC if it means you won’t commit yourself to it at all.
  19. “People respond to incentives.”
  20. Intellectual curiosity can steer you in one of two directions: awesomeness and organizational sociology.
  21. Your best university professors won’t care about you as much as your best high school teachers, but they’re a thousand times more knowledgable–so embrace the pros and don’t let the cons get you down.
  22. Listen to your Meiklejohn, unless, of course, he/she sucks.
  23. Meet a lot of people during orientation (meet is not a euphemism for hook up with).
  24. Talk to your roomate. He/she has much more friend potential than it seems–and even if you don’t become inseparable, at least you’ll always have someone to shoot the shit with.
  25. Rock, not SciLi.
  26. Don’t sport Brown gear, unless that Brown gear is for a sport (and yes, despite some dissenting opinions, tailgating is a sport).
  27. Get off the Hill sometimes, it’s good for the soul.
  28. Shopping period is great, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about your classes at all before it begins.
  29. You will probably make great new friends up until the last week of classes.
  30. Chicago Style: Learn it. Use it. Embrace it. Because once you’ve had to cite something in ASR, you’ll realize that the history department’s preferred citation method is the least of several evils.
  31. Think you know what freedom means? Take POLS0110, then get back to me.
  32. There’s a beautiful oasis behind the Watson Institute–that’s one good thing about International Relations…
  33. Pembroke is a Pitchfork ‘Best New Music’ album that improves with every listen. Keeney is a NOW compilation that seems awesome initially, until everyone realizes it’s a loud, disorganized mess. Hope and Littlefield are classics. And there’s one more freshman dorm, but I just can’t think of it….
  34. Like the $20 admission fee at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, your RC’s 15 cent condom charge is only a suggestion.
  35. At Brown University, all opinions are appreciated…as long as they’re liberal.
  36. Talk to upperclassmen. They’re not wise beyond their years, but they’re definitely wiser than you.
  37. Safe Ride is actually awesome. It’s like walking back to your dorm, except faster and warmer.
  38. Go to random lectures. Otherwise, you’ll never know how interesting the disciplinary battle between Literary Arts and English truly is (and how a Bakhtin scholar has the authority to make that judgment).
  39. There are two kinds of people in this world: those who’ve had hard drive failure and those who are going to have hard drive failure (back up your data).
  40. Spicy With tastes best between the hours of 12 and 2 a.m.
  41. Fish Co. was pretty cool…and then it closed.
  42. Library late fees are about as real as talking unicorns.
  43. ROTC is a bigger scandal than gay marriage, abortion laws and Obama’s birth details combined.
  44. It’s called beirut.
  45. There’s a nice old piano that’s always available to play, located directly beneath Faunce Arch.
  46. Regardless of which superstars (indie or otherwise) the BCA pays too much money to play mediocre sets in Meehan, Binder will always prevail.
  47. The SciLi exists so that you can have sex on its upper floors.
  48. Reading period is not an excuse to do nothing for a week and a half.
  49. By May, you’re still listening to the same shit you listened to during senior spring out of nostalgia for simpler times.
  50. When things get rough, look around, see the happiest students in the country and put a smile on.

Class of 2014 (or anybody), feel free to share what you learned during your freshman year in the comments. But, in all honesty, if you bothered to read all of these, you should probably get back to studying.

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  1. over9000

    AWESOME! 49 is da best. and that’s true of sophomore year, too, for the record. except you also listen to the stuff you listened to freshman year. music nostalgia ftw.

  2. I would have thought you learned that no matter what, we must come together to fight the capitalist evils in the world…… (that’s what I learned this year)

  3. Derp

    Thank you for your kind words and gentle musings, good sir.

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