Spring Weekend Coachella casualty lives on

It’s official: Coachella — that pesky Yountville-based music festival will overlap once again with next year’s Spring Weekend concerts.   The Spring Weekend performances will happen on April 20 and 21, while Coachella will be held over two weekends, April 13-15 and April 20-22.  Much to the chagrin of us Brunonians, it is rumored that the two Coachella weekends will be almost identical in their performance line-ups.  In other words, there will be Coachella part one on the 13th-15th, which will make a ton of money through ticket sales and steal all the good acts to the lesser coast, and then Coachella part two which will overlap with Spring Weekend. Coachella part two will be the exact same as Coachella part one (with all the same great acts that will still be in California and not on Brown’s campus), except the ticket holders for the second weekend will be different from those on the first.  Lame.

So what does this all mean?  It depends.  If you’re an optimist, you might  believe that BCA will still pull through and grab a few good acts in spite of the inevitable draining effect that Coachella will have on the pool of available artists.  (You have to admit, Wyclef was pretty sweet this year.)  If you’re among the less hopeful among us, however, you might just think that Spring Weekend 2012 will come DOA, as did Spring Weekend 2011.  We’ll have to wait and see.  For now, all we have to go on are the words of BCA Administrative Chair Sandy Ryza, who seems to fall into the former camp in telling BlogDailyHerald that “it sucks, and there’s not really much that can be done differently, but we’ve managed in previous years with the same problem, and there are always good artists that slip through their greedy fingers.”

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  1. C

    a) eff that

  2. M

    On the bright side, 420 and Spring Weekend are that same Friday. Helllllllll yes

  3. M

    BCA should be on this shit nowww, before Coachella has a chance. NOW.

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