“I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

The Class of ’15 has been on campus for a few weeks now, and if you’re anything like I was at that point in my budding Brown career (i.e., adventurous, handsome, a lover of long walks, etc.), then I bet you’re growing weary of the offerings on Thayer Street. Sure, Thayer’s the most popular Brown stomping ground for a reason, and it definitely has its hidden gems, but one can only alternate daily falafel and pizza cones for so long. So, if there’s a single piece of advice I – in my Yoda-like wisdom – can impart to the incoming class, it’s something like, “Explore the city, you must!” This primer to Brown-relevant Providence streets is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a start. Bookmark this list, introduce yourself to these streets, seduce them and love them, and I promise each one will be worth the walk:

Wickenden Street

Distance from Faunce: 10 minute walk

Sort of like the Wario to Thayer’s Mario. Or the reverse. Either way, you’ll find plenty of Thayer analogues on Wickenden, beautiful Wickenden. Do you like Starbucks? Try Coffee Exchange. Partial to Antonio’s or Nice Slice? Try Fellini’s or Pizza Pie-er. Crave Loui’s? Try Brickway. Frequent Toledo? Um… Even if you’re one of those rare people who doesn’t like to eat food, there’s plenty of shopping to be done here. Doubleplusgood bonus: it’s only a stone’s throw away from India Point Park (and Whisko).

Angell Street/Wayland Square

Distance from Faunce: 10 minute walk

Okay, so maybe it’s not technically a street, but setting out eastward on Angell will bring you to Wayland Square, the East Side’s chill-out central. Hit up Myopic Books for some quality paperbacks then grab a coffee and a bagel sandwich with guac from The Edge cafe. Or, if you want a moderately-fancy night out, order mussels at Red Stripe restaurant. And once you move off campus—if ever—both East Side Market and Whole Foods are only a minute away.

Ives Street

Distance from Faunce: 10 minute walk

Ives is genuinely the East Side’s best kept secret. Shh! For starters, realize that it’s quite possible Madeira Liquors is even closer than the standard Spiritus. Moreover, East Side Creamery has the best ice cream this side of the Mississippi; get the ‘graham central station’ or ‘strawberry cheesecake.’ Also check out the Silver Star Portuguese Bakery—which on Saturday mornings has epic doughnuts—and/or the solid United BBQ.

Westminster Avenue

Distance from Faunce: 10 minute walk

The heart of downtown, this vibrant street is ceilinged with Christmas lights year-round. It requires a lot more exploring than I can cover here, but at the very least I’d check out the full-size Symposium Books and stop in at my personal favorite, Small Point Cafe, for a great working-while-in-the-city atmosphere. There are events down here literally every night, so be sure to check In Downcity daily (I do!) for the scoop on Downcity nightlife.

(North) Hope Street

Distance from Faunce: 25+ minute walk, or take the 42 bus

Heading north up Hope for an indefinite distance will lead you to some of the most eclectic shopping and restaurants on the East Side. You can hit up Seven Stars Bakery, home to the softest and crustiest breads around, or bus/bike further north to the marvelous vegetarian-vegan Garden Grille Cafe. On the weekends, Lippitt Memorial Park is home to an expansive farmer’s market. Also, the intersection of Hope and Rochambeau is known to host some kickin’ block parties.

…but you won’t know if you don’t go!

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