BlogDH Explains: Touch Screens at the Blue Room

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. If you happened to stop by the Blue Room yesterday afternoon, you might have noticed the big touch screen with an interactive exhibit about Brown.

The man responsible for the exhibit is CS professor Andries van Dam, and BlogDailyHerald managed to get a few answers direct from the source about this cool new project. 

The purpose of the exhibit is “to run a ‘user study’ of how easy it is to learn to use our application,” van Dam said. The application is called LADS (Large Artwork Displayed on the Surface). By using Brown students as wide eyed guinea pigs test subjects, van Dam and his team hope to integrate the device in museums, libraries and “other places that have collections of 2D images that viewers would like to interact with,” but are “typically too fragile to be displayed.”

The display was created by van Dam’s undergraduate research group, which was led by two former Brown students now working on the project as part of their MS degree training.  Their goal? To take their project into the “public domain” (for everyone to use it free of charge). They hope to “have multiple large touch screens” on campus, particularly in the Cave (a special classroom currently under construction).

Van Dam and his team hope to present their project to students again, as some Brunonians were particularly excited to play around with the exhibit. One student, who described van Dam as the “rockstar of the CS department,” raved about the exhibit’s “cool factor.” So what’s BlogDailyHerald’s verdict? This is really f***ing cool.

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