Beyond Beyond the Bottle: You don’t need a Nalgene

Beyond Beyond the Bottle is a new weekly column that discusses environmental sustainability in the context of life here at Brown. It’s about incorporating environmental awareness into our every day actions in simple, realistic ways with the potential for big impact. Beyond Beyond the Bottle aims to prove that we don’t have to inconvenience ourselves to lead more sustainable lives.

I care about aesthetics. I will notice when you wear a new shirt or when you re-arrange those photos on your wall. I will also always notice those big, inconvenient-looking plastic Nalgenes some choose to carry around. I appreciate that they are a reusable alternative — I really, deep down in my heart do — but my inner aesthete cannot help but cringe. This post is for all of you who haven’t bought a water bottle because the Nalgene look is just not your thing. You have cooler other options, I swear.

Disclaimer: To the Nalgene lovers out there – I don’t mean to offend. You rock them in a way most can’t, that’s all. Now, a run-down on reusable water bottles!

1. For the movers and shakers: the camelback. You know how some water bottles’ mouths are too big so you end up pouring water all over your chin and down your shirt and pretending you meant to? Well, the camelback solves that situation. It’s great if you’re mid-work out and need a sip, or if you just like reliving your baby-hood with that funky nozzle. I’ll be honest, it kind of weirds me out but hey, to each his own, right? #BrownAcceptsErrbody

2. The anti-bottle, for the avant-garde environmentalist. Vapur brand’s latest, the anti-bottle, is made of BPA-free ultra-durable plastic that can fold up into the smallest crevices of your bag when it’s not in use. In addition to a solid selection of  colors (purple, green, grey, & mo’), Vapur has a limited edition MoMA bottle, to celebrate its partnership with the museum. If you’re down to carry around a conversation starter, this is definitely the way to go.

3. For the inner caribbean island tourist in you: the squeeze breeze. Yes, it is technically a water bottle, a practical and awesome one at that, perfect for a quick wake-me-up spritzer during class. Water and a fan. How could you go wrong? Warning: you can’t actually take gulps of water from the squeeze breeze, but feel free to mist your tongue all you want.

4. Clean freaks, rejoice: the Bobble. Perfect for those of you who buy bottled water because you’re paranoid about tap, the Bobble saves the day. Just fill it up and the carbon filter built in to the cap will clean your water as you drink. The design is simple, with an assortment of filter colors to choose from, and the bottles are made of recycled, BPA-free plastic.

5. And finally, my personal favorite – the Sigg water bottle. These Swiss-made metal beauties are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical. The Sigg factory uses over 50% renewableenergy in production, so you can feel awesome about more than just how much plastic you’re saving. A few of the designs I like best: the Keith Haring bottle, the sunsalutation Sigg, and my very own Bollywood-inspired Sigg.

We use almost 3 million tons of plastic yearly making disposable bottles, and less than 20% make it to recycling systems. With your own reusable water bottle, you’llkeep your share of plastic bottles out of landfills, conserve the resources that would otherwise go into making a disposable bottle, and save some dolla bills. Little measures go a long way, don’t y’all forgetit!

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