Barney Frank and Ichiro Fujisaki to Visit Brown in Near Future

While they’re not speaking together, both Congressman Frank (D-MA) and Japanese Ambassador Fujisaki are sure to give some pretty awesome talks.

First, on Thursday at 2:00 PM (weird time much?), Ambassador Fujisaki is going to be speaking at the Watson Institute (111 Thayer Street between Benevolent and Charlesfield) in an event called “The Future Partnership between Japan and the US.” Ambassador Fujisaki has been working for the Japanese foreign service for over 40 years, so this event will be undoubtedly interesting.

Next, Congressman Frank will be coming to campus on Tuesday the 18th at 8:00 PM to discuss what he believes will be a smart solution to the Israeli-Palestinian issue. The event is co-sponsored by, among others, the Brown Democrats and Brown Students for Israel. Congressman Frank will be speaking in the DeCiccio Auditorium in Salomon, but he is sure to be a big draw, so pick up your tickets at J. Walter Wilson today or tomorrow from 2:30 to 4:30 PM. Tickets are free, so just be sure to get your hands on one, because ticket holders will be given priority seating.

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