Activism on the Main Green Today 10-2!

A table is set up outside of Sayles in protest of the Keystone XL pipeline, urging students to sign a letter to persuade President Obama to make the right decision and discontinue the plans for the pipeline. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s a planned pipeline extending from Canada to Texas, carrying tar sands to be refined and exported for oil. Tar sands are a super unconventional oil source that require shit tons of energy and water to extract. Not only would the pipeline cross and cause risk to a major aquifer, but it also carries the risk of leading to a major oil spill and increased gas prices for Americans. If Obama approves it, he’ll be letting down the environmentalist population in a huge way and risking their support in the 2012 election.

Stop by the table to hear more about it! If you don’t have the time but really care, visit for more info and call the White House @ 202-456-1111 to speak your mind!

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