BlogDailyHerald’s Halloweek Costume Contest: Results

At long last, it’s Halloween. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos to our inaugural costume contest. Once again, Brown, you’ve impressed us with your creativity, wit and debauchery. It’s been a brutal race, resulting in much heated debate among the BlogDH editors, but, at long last, we have come to a consensus. First place goes to:

Names (left to right): “Phish-Sticks” Zweifach ’12, Zana “Where’s-My-Joint” Salz ’12, Monty “Fatso” Simmons ’12,  AmeriLine “Dreamboat” Sholem ’12 and “Moe-Love-Less-War” Sachdev ’12.
Description: Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavors

Congratulations, ladies! As promised, this group’s photo will be featured in every post that we put up today. Check out the runners-up after the jump.

Most spirited
Name: Celia M. ’15
Description: Brown crest

No one ever thought to be the crest.

Most Topical

Name: Kate S. ’12
Description: The John Street Masturbator

Considering that a naked masturbator has visited the homes of 2/5 of the BlogDH editors, we have to admit a certain fondness for this costume.

Most Luxe-urious
Names: Jenny B. ’12 and Katherine H. ’12
Description: Royal Coconut & Golden Monkey Tea Flavors

We like our tea overpriced, overbranded and over-cocount bra-ed.

Most GlobalName: Aaron N. ’12
Description: Inebriated panda

So that’s why Panda Express is so damn fast. Nikes!

Most Artistically InclinedName: Rachel P. ’13
Description: Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, as painted by Melanie J. ’13

This was seriously great.  Please don’t go cutting off any extremities in protest of our decision.

Most “I’m Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die”Names: Steve A. ’14 and Steve P. ’14
Description: Steve and Blue of Blue’s Clues

“Oh here’s the mail it never fails it makes me wanna wag my tail and when it comes I wanna yell ‘maaaaaail'” – Steve, in both Halloween and real life identities.

Most Nightmare-Inducing (and yet, historically reverent)Name: Liz Y. ’13
Description: Plague Doctor

Would you rather have the Plague or have that schnoz come at you in the middle of the night? Toss up.

Most “Are we allowed to publish this?”
Name: Meredith B. ’14
Description: Slutty Gail

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii 😉

Most Throwback
 Names (left to right):
Jennifer L. ’13, Cory A. ’13, Amina S. ’13
Description: Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2

“‘Have no fear, little Fish[Co],’
Said the Cat in the Hat.
‘These Things are
good Things.’
And he gave them a pat.”

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