The BlogDailyHerald No Shave Movember contest has begun!

Gents (and ladies?), that month you’ve all been waiting for is back. To commemorate these 30 days of hairy goodness (which I still couldn’t really participate in even if I tried), we’ve created a contest.

The rules are simple:

1. At the end of the month, email us a photo of your clean-shaven self AND a shot of you with your (at least) month-old scruff. The winner will have his mug featured right here on December 1st for all of Brunonia to admire. (He also may or may not have the shaving of said facial hair posted on the blog.) Even better, he will win a limited edition BlogDailyHerald t-shirt.

2. If any of you want to be profiled for a three-part series on your No Shave November odyssey, email us with a brief explanation of your scruff-growing capabilities (photo evidence encouraged), and the Blog will in return profile your facial hair as it grows more and more out of control through the month of November!

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