Time-waster of the day: November 4, 2011


What is alt-comedy? Is the only distinction that alt-comedians are even more overweight and awkward than normal ones? Maybe…wait no, Maria Bamford and Sarah Silverman are really pretty. So if the distinction isn’t clear and physical, it makes sense that it’s comedic. Alt-comedy is subtle, ironic, satirical and filled with so much nuanced parody it will make your head spin. In sketches and shorts, alt-comedians place naive, but fully developed, characters into detailed worlds in which they interact in totally absurd ways. The stars of today’s time-waster, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, made a career out of developing their own public access world, complete with worthless inventions and sincere, but moronic, personalities. In their long form video, Father and Son, the two comics take the essence of their 30-90 second bits and expand it to a narrative short film. It’s often uncomfortable and dark, but also surprisingly touching. Do alt-comedians just understand the full range of human experience better than the Jeff Dunhams? Perhaps, or maybe they just don’t like making racist jokes via hand puppets.

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