Gambino make it work (but for real this time)

Ever since we first listened to “Freaks and Geeks” from his “EP” release this past spring, we’ve been waiting for this album. “Camp” does not disappoint, but this is no average music review. We are pleased to announce that Childish Gambino referenced Brown on the record in his track “Backpackers.” Gambino (aka Donald Glover/Troy from Community/That dude from “Bro Rape”) rants at the 1:09 mark:

“I wrote on rape culture my junior year at Brown, so I’m allowed to say what all his raps are about.”

He of course responds to this (presumably) imaginary Brown student by warning him/her to “shut your mouth before I f**k it.” Hard to imagine this coming from the same guy who was unable to speak to Levar Burton.

Frankly, Gambino, we’re honored. We’re proud of classes like GNSS1960N: Theories and Politics of Sexual Consent, and, if being somewhat intellectually snobby means that we get name dropped in arguably the best track of your album, we’ll keep on truckin’.

If you want to listen to “Camp,” (and, believe us, you do) check it out here.

Now, if we can just get this shoutout to translate into a headlining Spring Weekend performance, we’ll be set.  RESIST THE LURE OF COACHELLA, CHILDISH!

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