The Casualties of Midterms: Things we just don’t have time for anymore

I’ve absolutely hated midterms. Have I slept less than I ever have in a single academic week? Of course. Have I studied more for one History of Brazil test than I did for all of my final exams senior year of high school? Of course. Did I have my first cup of coffee ever? Of course not; I stand on my principles. But at least I expected these things. The tragedy comes when you remember that there are still — my attempts at making a timeturner be damned — just 24 measly hours in a day. There hasn’t been much time for breathing, let alone blog posts. Luckily for me, I seem to have deluded myself into seeing a light at the end of the tunnel (yes, I am wholly aware that it’s a mirage). But for now, let’s bask in the light and spend some time one the things we missed so much:

1. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Usually an excellent 30 minute late-night distraction when I’m not in the mood for Jo’s, I haven’t seen my favorite member of the tribe work his magic live in weeks. Why not just watch on Hulu the next day? Well, naive soul, clearly you don’t realize that there’s something really stale about watching jokes about what’s already mostly yesterday’s news even one day later. Not a good use of my already overbooked time. 

2. sporcle.comOne day, my knowledge of presidential baby photos will save my life. Until then, I just hope I one day find time for the single greatest procrastination tool of all time.

Richard. Milhous. Nixon.

Taft (presumably at the age of 6)







3. Watching sports games I have absolutely no stake in: I love football. I love college football. I love arena football. I love Aussie-Rules Football. I can even get NFL games on IPTV, and my fantasy team isn’t horrific this year. Even with all of this in my favor, I still can’t quite find the time for a full football game, even for the Patriots.

4. Recycling.

5. Exercise. Not that I was really doing much of any non-intramural soccer exercise anyway, but I at least qualified as a conscientious objector to sore muscles and wheezing before. Now, I don’t even really have the option. Love handles are slowly making a home on me, and I could care less if doctors are now saying the Freshman 15 is a myth. Spicies With will take their toll.

6. Showing up unannounced in friends’ rooms to play FIFA.

7. My unstoppable Netflix-fueled march through The Wire: I had to take a break halfway through season three, and then again at the start of season four. Let this be my only warning to all of you Brunonians. If you haven’t already, start watching The Wire. Your grades may suffer, but your mind will be blown. You’re welcome in advance.

All in the game, baby. All in the game.

 Soon, however, I should be able to at least temporarily annul my marriage to the SciLi. Until then, please buy me a timeturner in time for reading period.

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  1. hmm

    ah, the wire. def sunk into a short depression when i finished it, aimlessly searching for another show to fill the void.

  2. I don’t even know what Fifa 12 looks like at this point…how sad.

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