This week in Brown Alumni News: Scandal Edition

It’s been a rough news week for a few choice Brown alums. We’re barely past hump day, and we’ve already got two unfortunate (but still juicy) scandals to report:

Alums Who Do Not-So-Cool Things
It’s over, ladies and gentlemen — Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno ’50 was fired Wednesday night in the wake of the sexual abuse scandal that went public earlier this month. For you Ashton Kutchers who are out of the loop on this one, Paterno reportedly turned a blind eye to former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky’s repeated sexual molestation of young boys in the Penn State football facilities.

Alums Who Report Not-So-Cool Things
This week’s other unfortunate Brown-related scandal saw an alum on the reverse side of things. In an update on the Herman Cain sexual harassment case, Karen Kraushaar ’78 was identified as one of the women with whom Cain settled. Despite having paid the settlement, Cain still maintains that none of this went down. Cain allegedly harassed, Rick Perry stumbled  and Mitt Romney shattered … it’s looking like a good year for Ron Paul!

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