Time-waster of the day: November 14, 2011

Ever start listening to music on the radio and think to yourself, “why am I not hammered right now?” US TOO!

Luckily, we’ve stumbled upon a wonderful site that matches your music taste to a — somewhat more literal — taste in alcohol. Drinkify.org (yes, the .org suffix is completely inexplicable) takes your favorite artist and turns him/her into a matching cocktail. Be warned: not all the drinks are alcoholic, especially when the artist that you search for is underage himself. For example, “The Justin Bieber” is just eight ounces of Red Bull — no vodka added. That might just be for the best, though. After all, on a sober day, who wants to have to order a “virgin Justin Bieber”? #thingsthecourtordered


  1. Matt Klimerman

    Hahaha try The National

  2. David Winer (Author)

    ^hahaha TRUTH

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