Free food digest: November 16, 2011

Eat free or dine trying.

Hi-T, LGBTQ Fun!
10 pm-Midnight
3rd Floor Faunce

“Delicious refreshments” in a safe space and study break for LGBTQ students and their allies. A great time for anybody, and the refreshments are supposedly “delicious,” which automatically makes them better than the ones that are just “will be served.”

Philosophy and Math DUG Present…Guest Talks: Philosophy of Mathematics
4 pm
Barus and Holley 190

While the topic sounds enticing, the fact that the refreshments are only “provided” seems to bode well for…people who like any kind of food in their stomachs without paying.

Alpha Kappa Alpha presents…Workshop on Distracted Driving
7:08 pm
Mo-Champ Lounge

Many students think the last thing they need is another distracted driving talk, but the first thing they need is free pizza and a “beer goggle obstacle course.” Check it out!

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  1. Phil

    Phil/Math event refreshments are samosas! so come if you like them! 😀

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