Cosa Nostra Offspring Gets Off’d

Sad news today in Browntown, USA.  Much to everyone’s no one’s surprise, Prince restaurant on Meeting Street finally shut its doors for the last time. Despite the fact that an over sized flag proclaiming the establishment “OPEN” still flaps vigorously in the autumn wind, it’s clear that Prince won’t be serving up any more melon flavored Hookahs for a while.

What’s to blame for this travesty you ask? Could it be the fact that the name Prince doesn’t evoke the same kind of  hilarious-yet-disturbing imagery as its predecessor Chicken On Fire did? Possibly. Studies have shown that nothing gets a diner’s attention like an image of a flaming piece of poultry.  Or perhaps it was the fact that there were not one but TWO other self-proclaimed “hookah lounges” within 150 feet. It’s a simple question of supply and demand really.  Whatever the reason, College Hill’s most infamous storefront is sure to once again reinvent itself, rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the latest fowl fire.

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