Time-waster of the day: November 18, 2011

“This is the greatest YouTube video ever!” We’ve all said this to ourselves in our lifetimes–we wouldn’t be children of the 00s otherwise. Over and over and over and over again we insisted that each video was “the funniest,” but all we’ve ended up with are the disappointed faces of friends with lacking different senses of humor. Having said that, this video of recently departed Darryl Pandy singing 80s house smash “Love Can’t Turn Around” is probably my favorite YouTube video of all time. His energy and zest in this music video threaten to turn it into a “laughing at you” type of situation, but ultimately you end up laughing with Darryl as he huffs and puffs through improvised choreography in what looks to be an abandoned warehouse. Darryl, we thank you. Another thank you goes out to Professor Todd Winkler in the Music Department for exposing me, and generations of computers and music nerds, to the wonder that is this early house music (personality).

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  1. Matt Klimerman

    This is amazing.

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