Time-waster of the day: November 21, 2011

You know the look. It’s one you get when you have “This is Why You’re Fat” open in a fullscreen window smack in the middle of your upper-level English class. You feel its arrival from the judging eyes of the holier-than-thou student behind you, boring a hole in the back of your head. The ‘look’ says, at once, “I’m better than you” and “I feel sorry for you.” It transmits the universal sentiment that every student thinks about his or her distracted peers at some point during the semester: “Is this really what you’re paying tuition for?” Coincidentally, it’s the exact same look that the strangely old City Politics Head TA would give you every time he walked through the aisle and realize that you were on Facebook, rather than paying attention to the supposedly fascinating chair of the Political Science Department. It’s not a good look.

It’s hard out there for an internet pimp. Not everyone appreciates the importance of staying up-to-the-minute on one’s favorite blogs. Gawker is not going to read itself. And, no, not everyone realizes that it is, in fact, okay to read the crown jewel of the Herald empire when you’re supposed to be learning about the British crown jewels. Sometimes education really does get in the way of true learning.

So, don’t let anyone give you shit about your in-class reading habits. Stick to your guns, and, using our new favorite site, send all the folks behind you shooting you the ‘look’ a (big ass) message. I be readin’ my internetz, bitches.

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